Terms And Conditions

By using our website and services you agree to these Terms and Conditions, please read them carefully before using, accepting, applying or subscribing to the 1800 Geek Squad.

Legal Terms

Any alternation from our policy is not acceptable; our Terms and Condition apply to every individual above the age of 18 using our website.

Agreement & Service Modification

The service modification changes for improvement. We may modify, amend, suspend or stop the services in addition to pricing, plans, service scope and the website. These sort of changes will be made without any prior notice to the user. We may force certain limits on the service at any time. Clients dispute or conflict will not be acceptable.

Acceptance of Terms

We notify here that the website is all ours and we do not share any source with any businessperson. All the web content, images, logos, graphics, etc. posted are part of our website, and their use for commercial purpose is not allowed. We are the real owner of this website so the customers can access our website from any part of the world.

Our Services

Our customer services will come in the act after the payment of agreed plan or service selected by our customer. Renewing these services before the plan duration expires is completely the responsibility of the client. There will be no renewal notice sent by us.


For the Improvement of our services, we keep on updating our Terms and conditions. We request our customers to view our page on a regular basis to know the beneficial changes made by us.

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